• High Quality Professional Carbon Fiber Tattoo Rotary Machine

High Quality Professional Carbon Fiber Tattoo Rotary Machine

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Mabuchi motor

1. The fuselage is made of carbon fiber material, which has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and light weight.

2. The motor adopts Wanbao to second-generation motor, which features large power, stable output, low skin damage, and fast coloring.

3. The overall process is CNC integrated carving, ensuring that the machine can achieve light sound, stable performance, wear-resistant parts, and longer machine life during use;

4. The handshake part adopts the streamlined handprint anti-slip design. The multiple carved edges can not only reduce the vibration of the hand, more easily and accurately grasp the line's degree of solidity, but also sweat without slipping, ensuring that the tattoo artist will not be tired for a long time.

5. The card pin mouth is standard Cheyenne size, which can be applied to most integrated needles on the market;

6. Tattoo artist experience: The key is that the sound is very light during work, basically only the sound of the motor turning, there is no other noise, it sounds very comfortable, and the carbon fiber part feels good

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